A Poignant Love Story

A Love Story to beat all love stories

853081023_adcaf271e1_mSome time ago, I received an email with some amazing pictures of two swallows. It undoubtedly did the rounds over the internet.

Anyway, the photos show some very touching pictures of a swallow actually crying in distress after his mate was hit by a car.

This is not for the faint-hearted – it’s a real tear jerker and I defy anyone to watch it dry-eyed. Just three little pictures but they say so much!

Swallow and his mate

At first the swallow tries anxiously to feed his injured mate.

Swallow and his mate

Then he tries to lift her up – in vain.

swallow cries

Then understanding dawns. He realizes that she isn’t going to get up. So he stands over her lifeless body and cries.

How the French Responded

Apparently these photos were sold to a famous French newspaper for a small fee. The paper sold out that same day and millions of people wept over them.

There are many true stories about animals that show feeling. But this is one of the most touching by far. It’s a poignant love story that has stolen people’s hearts.

If you have a story about an animal showing real feeling – please add it to the comments below and share it with us – maybe we can convince any nay-sayers that animals do indeed have feelings.

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  1. A poignant love story ….”I must warn you; this is not for the faint-hearted – it’s a real tear jerker and I defy anyone to watch it dry-eyed.”

    Someone forgot to post the link so we can watch it too! and get all teary-eyed!


  2. Thanks for the reminder and my apologies! I have posted the pictures so you can get all teary-eyed too!

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