A little love goes a long way

Animal love

Despite the horrific stories of animal cruelty that abound today there is an appreciation of kindness that resonates within each one of us. Even if the kindness comes from an animal. And if it takes a dog to show us how to be human – so be it. Continue Reading →

Do you Agonize before you Apologize?

Isn’t it amazing how some people are able to apologize with ease while others agonize over an apology for ages.
And isn’t it amazing that two such simple words as “I’m sorry” can actually make people gag – metaphorically speaking of course? Continue Reading →

How to Reduce the Stress of your Long Distance Relationship

Sometimes a long distance relationship is the only option for two people who are forced to live far apart. But unfortunately a relationship like this can be fraught with difficulties that can be stressful and even misleading. Here are five ways to help you reduce the stress of your long distance relationships. Continue Reading →