Building Relationships

Life is all about building relationships

A lovely relationship

relationships of all kinds: relationships with our family and loved ones, romantic relationships, relationships with our friends, relationships with our business associates and more.

The ability to build and maintain healthy relationships is one of the most important though often under-rated skills that we could ever acquire.

What a pity that schools and colleges don’t teach this vital skill to children – they have to pick it up by themselves. No wonder our relationships flounder through lack of knowledge and the right information.

Building and maintaining healthy relationships is a valuable skill that we should all be taught from an early age.  It should even be included as part of every school curriculum.

What could be more important than learning how to maintain good relationships? And as important as it is on an inter-personal level – it’s even more important on a political and international level.

Animal Relationships

We could even spare a little time learning how to relate better to all kinds of animals. Our planet would be a better place for it.

So yes, this is about relationships – isn’t it really what life is all about?


Puppy Love

2 Replies to “Building Relationships”

  1. I do believe that we need to take better care of all our relationships – and I’m including animals here too!

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