Choosing your Mate

Ability to huntBefore the dawn of civilization as we know it, women chose their mates for their ability to hunt wild boars and bring home the bacon for the family bonfire. They chose the strongest, wiliest and most sure-footed hunters who they knew would be able to  provide for their families.

Fast forward a few millennia and methods of “bringing home the bacon” have become somewhat more sophisticated.  Take a look at Davos in Switzerland today.  What are they discussing? Bringing home the bacon, of course!

People haven’t really changed that much. Women still look for strength, intelligence and confidence in their mates. Subconsciously they’re on the lookout for good providers.

That is why the process of choosing a mate has always been so involved. Suitors may not always be required to go out hunting but in one way or another they have always had to prove themselves.

History is full of tales about suitors having to perform difficult tasks before even being permitted to court their future brides. Many were put through unenviable tasks to prove their worth. Jacob had to labour for seven long years before he was allowed to marry Rachel.

The never-ending process of testing and choosing continues unabated.

Dating is an elaborate ritual of testing, preparatory to choosing a mate. Dating couples set crafty little tasks for their mates to get through while they are carefully scrutinized and put to the test.

Meanwhile, the grounds are being laid for “the eventual choosing”.  Will they fit into the family culture, will they be able to provide?  Will they make good parents?

But it gets even more difficult as more and more questions need to be answered.

  • Does your partner have strength of character?
  • Is your partner patient and kind?
  • Or irritable and over-sensitive?
  • Does he or she have emotional outbursts?

These things are vitally important to check out if you hope to have a happy, long-term relationship.

There are many ways to learn about your partner, some more or less intrusive than others. But if you’re looking for a more intuitive and tactful way to find out if your partner has the strengths you are hoping for you could always check out your mate’s handwriting.

In fact, here’s a free report that may be helpful to you. “The Signs of Success” shows you how to find the strengths in your own or in your partner’s handwriting.

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  1. Thank you for your honesty. A lot of the men I talk too feel the same, as if there’s no need for relationships. Everyone is so busy with their own pursuits AND busy trying to fill each others shoes. There is nothing that could replace the need for companionship for me but I seem to be a dying breed

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