Conflict in your Relationship. Is it a sign of the end?

If you are dealing with conflict in your relationship it really is the pits.  A relationship  plagued with arguments is not only depressing – it can also be demoralizing.

Conflict in your relationship

Conflict in your relationship

But while this is the unfortunate lot of many couples today, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

It doesn’t have to signify the end of a beautiful friendship.

You can change the direction your relationship is taking. Because the path it follows is largely guided by the way you handle conflict.

Interestingly, how you manage conflict is an important sign of the health and resilience of your relationship. At the same time it reveals a lot about your personalities too.

The problem is that most of us don’t really know how we react to conflict.  We become so emotionally involved that we are unable to see ourselves objectively. Clearly we never see ourselves in action!

That’s why it’s helpful to know a little more about ourselves and our reactions when conflict strikes.  Because strike it will!

Here are a few questions and suggestions about arguing

  • Do you sulk silently or do you rant and rave? If you tend to remain silent and introverted while your partner rants and raves you are clearly on separate pages emotionally.
  • At some point in the argument do you say “you always …?” Remember not to generalize but rather keep the argument specific.  When you start to bring in general complaints from last year, the argument broadens and gets out of hand.
  • Do you forgive your partner readily and easily? And are you willing to make up quickly? Or do you bear grudges and carry them around with you in a mental “grudge basket?” A grudge basket is a convenient receptacle for holding grudges till you need to take them out to use during a disagreement!

The ideal way to deal with an issue is to discuss it when you are both calm and relaxed.

But as you know, we are seldom calm and relaxed when it comes to emotional matters. Most of us need a little help now and then.

In cases like this I find that a careful look at a couple’s handwriting can be effective because it can often help to isolate the cause of the problem.

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t consult a professional where necessary.  What I am saying is that an understanding of both your personalities will give you a better understanding of your relationship.

If a scrutiny of your handwriting can do anything at all, it certainly does one thing well. It helps you to understand where you are coming from.

Not only that, it helps you to identify areas of conflict based on the evidence obtained from both handwritings.  It’s even possible to anticipate where friction is likely to occur in the future.

And no, this does not mean consulting a crystal ball.  This information comes purely from the handwriting itself which holds the clues to many personality quirks and idiosyncrasies as well as to certain emotional problems.

So conflict in your relationship needn’t mean the end of everything. If you can find out what makes you both tick, it can actually add a new dimension of understanding to your relationship.

And don’t forget; a conflict resolved is a relationship strengthened.

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