Honesty in your Relationship. How important is it?

Honesty in your relationship

How important is honesty in your relationship?

Many people talk about the importance of honesty in their relationships.  But how many couples really practice it? How many of us are truly honest with one another?

To some people, honesty is just a word to which they merely pay lip service. And so it is one of the first things to give way in the light of a crisis.

But honesty in a relationship is a very real value that we should do everything in our power to keep alive. The health and longevity of the relationship depends upon it.

What is love without trust?

The real value and raison d’etre of being honest in a relationship is that it inspires trust.  Trust and sincerity.  If we don’t have trust and sincerity in our relationships all mayhem breaks loose.


Because if we can’t trust those who are closest to us we cannot rely on them in times of stress or in a crisis. It leaves us filled with doubt rather than imbued with confidence. And it gradually eats away at the relationship until it is destroyed.

This is clearly not the type of foundation on which we can build a lasting relationship.

So yes, honesty in a relationship is vitally important because it gives us the assurance that we can trust and rely on the person we love. It is what love is based on.

Ask any couple with a long and successful relationship what they based their success  on and you’ll find that nine times out of ten the answer will include some aspect of trust and honesty.

Can you detect dishonesty in handwriting?

5 thoughts on “Honesty in your Relationship. How important is it?

  1. What do you think about being honest in your relationship – do you think it’s important? Or do you think there is a place for hiding certain things?

  2. I always love an honest man, it does not matter to me if he has a big income or a big degree. All these are like garbage to me if I see any dishonesty in him.

  3. Honesty, trust and respect come before anything else! I love a man that just respects u! Treats u like his car! Cause the car gets 2 be better then us girls! I wish they could spend same time looking at us! Like they look at cars! Respect for a material thing? agh!

  4. The bottom line is that you can only trust someone if he or she is honest with you. And you can only have a real relationship if it is based on honesty and trust.

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