Old-fashioned Kindness


Isn’t it strange how the word, “kindness”  has become so old-fashioned.  It has almost passed out of common usage and is fast disappearing into the realms of verbal antiquity.

It is a word that is seldom used today and seems to stem from a bygone era where genteel manners and etiquette were the highest form of civilization.

No-one today refers to another as “a kind gentleman.”  The term in itself is somewhat embarrassing and downright archaic.

Just try being “kind and gentle” and you will soon find yourself kicked out of the fast lane.

Walk around with a philosophy like that showing and the sharks will make a quick meal of you in record time.

And yet the concept of kindness like Aladdin’s lamp is too full of remarkable mysteries to be discarded carelessly onto the floor of the cave.

Kindness is like a smile of understanding that doesn’t glitter on the surface of the eyes but goes right inside to the world within.

It isn’t a dutiful gesture that accompanies a philanthropic cheque. It isn’t in boardrooms and you won’t find it in crowded places.

Kindness is like a fleeting glance glimpsed in the crinkling of eyes.  It’s a quick meeting of souls in the recognition of their common destiny.  And it sets them vibrating in sympathy like fine-tuned musical instruments.

Maybe that is why it’s so hard to find these days.

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