Relationship Problems – a Major Cause of Stress

Relationship problems can certainly be a cause  of stress.  If you lie in bed at night wondering what to do about a relationship that has just gone sour you will certainly be able to identify with this.

A relationship that has gone wrong can throw your whole life out of balance and your whole world out of focus. You will probably feel that everything is going wrong at the same time.

When our feelings are hurt we feel vulnerable. We lose our objectivity and our powers of judgement all at the same time.

We can hardly expect to fathom the deep down causes of our problems when our emotions are in turmoil. Only bionic vision could help us to see inside our conflict-filled relationships.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could observe our relationships impartially and get a true picture of what really was going on inside?

Impossible? Not entirely.

You see, there is a way to look into the inner workings of your relationship where you can see it clearly and impartially. (To be continued)!

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