Tie a Ribbon around those Old Love Letters

Tie a Red ribbon around those love lettersWhat happened to those old fashioned love letters – those wonderfully poetic missives carefully penned on fine, scented paper with envelopes to match?

In fact, what ever happened to the art of letter writing?

Remember when we were actually taught to write letters? Today every 7 year-old – untaught – knows how to send emails to her admiring grandparents.

But sadly, no-one keeps emails. Have you ever tried to tie a ribbon around an email?

Do you remember when we used typewriters?  And back in the previous century – do you remember when we used to write letters by hand?

I was intrigued to read an article the other day that said if we really wanted to make an impression, we should send hand-written letters again because these are the only ones that people are likely to read or keep.

So if you are concerned about the future of handwriting and letters, take heart! Hand-written letters are very much the “in thing” again!

In fact, I recently checked out some hand-written letters and autographs at an auction site.  I was amazed at the prices!

So tie a ribbon around those love letters and hand-written post cards and pack them into moth-balls.

A decade or two from now and you may just be able to retire on the proceeds!  Your grandchildren certainly will.

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