A little love goes a long way

Greyhound and baby deer

From Cater News Agency

Earlier on in Relationship World I recorded a heartwarming story about animals that went unnoticed for many months till it all but disappeared from the radar of Google and the other search engines.

Then just yesterday it appeared to have found its way to a popular forum where it picked up speed and  suddenly began to go viral. The traffic was unprecedented and I began to wonder what on earth had happened.

It’s a simple little story about animal kindness that stands out in stark contrast to the many articles about the numerous cruelties that are perpetrated on people and animals world-wide.

When you think of rhino’s being slaughtered for their horns, whales being decimated, dogs being neglected and the various abuses being showered on all kinds of animals, this little animal story shines like a beacon of light.

Pure bliss

A picture of pure bliss!

However, some people have commented that they think the story is a fabrication. And they have revisited Snopes and other sites to find out if it is true or not. But as far as I am concerned, the pictures are real enough to give inspiration.

And if the story isn’t true – does it really matter? The important thing is that it sends a message that we can all appreciate.

Animal love

The loving relationship of Katie and Oscar

So if the genuineness or otherwise of the pictures in the animal relationships story bothers anyone, here are some pictures that my friend and ecologist, Dr Cheryl Thomson sent me of her own animal family.  They are genuine enough.

It just goes to show that despite the horrific stories of animal cruelty that abound today there is an appreciation of kindness that resonates within each one of us. Even if the kindness comes from an animal.

And if it takes a dog to show us how to be human – so be it.

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