Are you Afraid to pay a Compliment?

Pay a complimentThe sad thing about being afraid to give compliments is that when the moment has passed it doesn’t come again.

The inability to express appreciation sets up an emotional barrier. And the more we block our feelings the more it becomes an intractable habit.

The saying goes that we never regret the things we said as much as the things we left unsaid.

That is why if you think you may be suffering from an emotional block try this simple experiment.

At the very first opportunity, comment about something pleasant you have noticed about your partner.  It doesn’t have to be an over the top expression of undying love. Just mention something that you have noticed and like. It can be the simplest thing.

Then take note of the expression on your partner’s face. If you see that it has gone down well you can try it again on another occasion.

About being Critical

It’s so easy to be critical. But being critical creates a negative reaction and can lead to resentment particularly if it is uncalled for. Criticism creates a negative mood.

When you are critical you are looking for the shortcomings in someone. But when you are being complimentary it means that you have looked for and found the good.

The difference can always be seen in your partner’s expression. A compliment can work wonders and the effect on your partner’s mood and on your own will be magical.

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