How to Cope with Loneliness during the Holiday Season

How to cope with loneliness

When you are feeling alone it rubs salt in the wound to see so much activity and so much shopping and scurrying around. So you pretend to be bright and happy. But in reality you are feeling like the only person on the planet who feels miserable and so desperately alone. Continue Reading →

Selfishness and Generosity: Nature’s Secret

An overflowing of love

There’s a huge lesson to be learnt from nature. It’s all about the secret relationship between selfishness and generosity. In nature, selfishness is a self-protective device. As the leaves of a plant curl up and close in towards themselves when the sun is hot and the air is very dry, the plant recognises the need to protect itself against the Continue Reading →

Low Self-Esteem can Damage your Relationship

Low self esteem

If your relationship is sufficiently important to you, you will realize that you need to change your self-perception. Before you can expect your partner to believe in you, you will have to believe in yourself first. Continue Reading →

A Compliment can Work Wonders and Lift your Relationship

Many people feel that simply thinking well of someone is good enough and that it is unnecessary to voice how they feel. They seem to think that their partner will know automatically what they are thinking. Continue Reading →