Selfishness and Generosity: Nature’s Secret

An overflowing of love

There’s a huge lesson to be learnt from nature. It’s all about the secret relationship between selfishness and generosity. In nature, selfishness is a self-protective device. As the leaves of a plant curl up and close in towards themselves when the sun is hot and the air is very dry, the plant recognises the need to protect itself against the Continue Reading →

Our Fragile Relationship with Nature – like Patterns in the Sand

Patterns in the Sand

Our relationship with nature has taken a severe beating. Sometimes we have to see things in little bite sizes to make sense of them. The huge oil spills are too vast to comprehend. But the image of a pelican covered in oil speaks volumes. Continue Reading →

The Patterns in Nature

Sensitivity to Nature is something that we have lost. Only when we get a rude awakening from something like the oil spill in the gulf do we start to pay the slightest attention to the patterns in nature. But we ignore them at our peril. Continue Reading →