Does your Boyfriend have Commitment Phobia?


Does he have commitment phobia?


If your boyfriend has commitment phobia it’s vital for you to learn about it as soon as possible.

Fortunately, with the following tips, you won’t have to stay in the dark for too long. You will see that there are several ways for you to find out if he has commitment phobia or not.

The first thing you should do is watch out and listen for helpful hints whenever you have a conversation about your relationship.

Though it often goes unnoticed, a lot of information can slip out during a conversation. Arguments in particular are loaded with clues and signs.

There are many other sources of information too that will give you some helpful clues, particularly if you

Ask the right questions!

With that in mind, here are some leading questions to ask yourself.

Not only will they alert you to several warning signs of commitment phobia; they will also help you to think objectively about the direction your relationship is taking.


Does he have commitment Phobia?

10 Questions to ask yourself


  • Does your boyfriend often say that he doesn’t want to get married or that he cannot see himself settling down with one woman?  If so, this is not a mere hint.  It’s a red flag.
  •  Does he often tell you that he has to do a lot of traveling for his work? Or does he often say that his work requires him to work late at the office? Another warning sign!
  • Does he seem to make a habit of choosing to play or watch an unusual amount of sport that keeps you apart?
  • Does he often choose to go out with “the boys” to places where you are not included?
  • Does he have a long list of short relationships?  Because if he has, yours may be the very next one to join his list.
  • If he keeps mentioning that he needs his space, take it seriously as another sign that he is not thinking about his commitment to you.
  • Also take note if he starts to complain that you are too demanding without being sufficiently specific. But make sure that he doesn’t have a genuine case against you before you are tempted to accuse him of being unfair.
  • And here’s a tricky one: If he says that he needs to make changes in his life so that he can get away from it all, can you be quite sure that he isn’t trying to get away from you?
  • Does he make excuses about introducing you to his parents or does he keep putting it off?
  • And finally, if he keeps hinting that he isn’t sure if things are going to work out between you – take it as a sign that commitment to you is not on his immediate horizon!


If you have answered these questions as honestly and as objectively as possible, you will have a good idea about your boyfriend’s commitment to you.





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