How to Listen and Keep your Man

ListeningKnowing how to listen is an art.

I don’t mean listening as in “obey.”  I mean listening as in the best part of “hear.”

When last did  you really listen with concentration to what your mate was talking about? In fact, when last did anyone really listen to you?

See what I mean?

The world is such a frenetic place today with all its distractions that in pure self- defense we have switched off our ability to hear.

We all have so much noise going on in our lives that we no longer have the inclination to really listen.

It’s so easy to  dismiss  someone else’s concerns and we do this best by not  listening properly.

But when we do listen we really get to understand where the person inside is coming from.

There is a real art to listening properly.  Unfortunately not many people have cracked the secret of listening. Because the real art of listening is not only about listening to words.

Real listening has to do with understanding body language too.  Real listening means looking into  someone’s eyes with real understanding and truly getting the underlying message.

It means caring enough to become involved.

Glamour and good looks are important assets for any girl because they attract attention. But the girl who listens has an even bigger advantage.  Not only will she get her man – she will also keep him.

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  1. I wish I could write like you as Margaret Laurence once said “When I say “work” I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs.”

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