How to Reduce the Stress of your Long Distance Relationship

A long distance relationship

We don’t choose to have long distance relationships – mostly they are unavoidable.

Sometimes a long distance relationship is the only option for two people who are forced to live far apart.

But unfortunately a relationship like this can be fraught with difficulties that can be stressful and even misleading.

The truth is that there is no replacement for personal contact. Phone calls, Skype-ing and texting are ways to maintain a relationship; but they’re not ways to grow it.

Even if you contact one another every day, your relationship will essentially be on hold until you’re together again.

A long distance relationships is much more difficult to maintain than a “normal” relationship.

The longer you and your partner are apart, the more difficult it is to keep your relationship viable. And so you have to work at it much harder.

The best thing you can do is to find ways that will reduce the stress and help you to make your relationship work. So here are five ways to help you reduce the stress of your long distance relationships.

5 Tips for a Long Distance Relationship

  1. Have an End Date in view – Long distance relationships need to end at some point. You need to plan for a time in the future when you will be together. Keep a calendar that allows you to count down to the end date.
  2. Always Talk Out a Fight – Fighting in long distance relationships is less common because it’s harder to make mistakes that are worth fighting about. But when you do fight, you need to make sure that you never hang up and let it linger. Hanging up because you’re upset about a conversation will only cause further anxiety that could hurt your relationship.
  3. Try to Visit Often – Communicating through technology is not the same as communicating in real life. You need to see each other as often as possible to keep your relationship alive. So plan as many trips back and forth as you can.
  4. Be Open – Much of the anxiety in long distance relationships comes from the stress about not knowing what the other partner is doing. Even if you trust your partner 100%, the distance makes it hard to maintain that trust simply because of the way the imagination works. So make sure you’re open about what you’re doing at all times, to prevent either of your imaginations from running wild.
  5. Video Chat – This can never be a replacement for personal contact. But if you do have to rely on technology, try to use video chats as often as possible. There is something very calming about seeing your loved one’s face while talking on the phone.  Also it will help you to dispel any doubts if you can actually see some evidence of your partner’s affection.

Follow these tips and they’ll help to ease the stress of your long distance relationship. They will help you to bridge the distance both physically and emotionally – until you are able to meet again in person.

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  1. I’m Queen.(21)I met my partner in grade 11 and he is studying overseas. We see each other after 2-3 years and when we meet he promise that we will communicate but things don’t go the way we have planned. I love him and I feel stuck with my life because I don’t know if he loves me the way I do. The reason why I feel stuck is that I can’t date other guys I reject them like nobody’s business. Sometimes I feel like he just took our relationship as a fling. And all this causes me stress and anxiety about my future.

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