Is Commitment in your Relationship too much to Expect?

Commitment in your relationshipMany women no longer expect commitment in their relationships. They are scared of rocking the boat by asking too much of their partners.

So the only thing left for them is to agree to live together at the first invitation.  In fact everyone expects them to do so.

Gone are the days when women were entitled to expect an engagement ring at the end of a courtship.

Today they take it as a compliment when they are invited to move in with their boy friends.

“Do you really mean you would like me to move in with you?”  It’s an invitation that is often accepted with tears of joy!

And with that, a woman gives up her last trump card as she enters into a veritable apprenticeship.

And there’s usually a tacit agreement that there’s no guarantee of that engagement ring at the end of the apprenticeship either.

From there on it’s uphill all the way.

With no goal in sight how can she dream up a romantic future while cleaning up after last night’s party and taking out the rubbish?

Is it any surprise when romance flies out of the window?

It’s a strange quirk of human nature that anything that comes too easily goes unappreciated.

Make it too easy for a guy and he will soon lose interest.  And you can’t even blame him.  It’s human nature and it’s inevitable.

In the olden days of chivalry and romance a man had to work pretty hard to win the hand of a lady. Men were put through unenviable labours to prove their worth.Romance in the olden days

History is full of tales about suitors having to perform impossibly difficult tasks before even being permitted to court their future brides.

It stands to reason that a suitor would have to be totally committed to the relationship if he was prepared to “kill dragons” in order to win the heart and hand of his lady.

In the Bible, Jacob had to labour on his uncle’s farm for seven long years before he was allowed to marry his beloved Rachel. Theirs was a romance to beat all romances – because Jacob was committed.

Would your boyfriend go to such lengths for you?

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