Never Run Yourself down or Belittle Yourself

Never belittle yourself

Never belittle yourself

Never run yourself down or belittle yourself – some people will take you seriously.

If you belittle yourself there is always a possibility that someone will believe you.

Some people feel the need to downplay their achievements in order to appear modest.

But running yourself down and belittling yourself isn’t modesty. And it’s not humility either.

It’s simply a short cut – a direct route to low self-esteem.

If you run yourself down, not only will people start to believe your rant but you will begin to believe it too. And that is the most harmful part of all because the truth is that your continual self-abasement will act as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You will stop reaching for your goals. You will start to expect less and less of yourself and you will become more and more ineffective.

If you run yourself down to others or even to yourself you will be actively creating a path to your own self-defeat.  And you will be handing yourself an inferiority complex on a platter.

Can you imagine what this can do to your relationship?

If you continually belittle yourself in your relationship, your significant other can hardly be blamed for eventually accepting the rather unflattering opinion of yourself that you are pushing.

You can’t expect your partner to keep on building you up when you are continually pulling yourself down.

So when you are given a compliment, accept it graciously and believe that you deserve it.

Unfortunately, if you have been running yourself down for some time now it has probably become something of a habit.  A habit that has already found a comfortable niche in your personality.

But take heart.  In my next post I will be giving you a few easy tips to help you  boost your confidence.  Even if you only try out one or two of them I’m sure you’ll find it makes a difference!

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