The Patterns in Nature

Butterfly - patterns in NatureHave you ever taken a close look at the patterns in a butterfly’s wings?

Have you ever noticed how the intricate veins of a leaf appear to mirror the structure of the whole tree?

There are myriads of patterns in nature that are continuously unfolding but they mostly play out to an unobservant audience

Many years ago, people used to be aware of these details and were more in tune with nature than we are today. Sadly, we have lost our connection with nature and we can no longer read the signs.

Only when we get a rude awakening once in a while, do we start to pay the slightest attention to nature’s messages. But we ignore them at our peril.

The recent oil spill in the gulf is just one example of the damage that can be done when we don’t take note of the bigger pattern.

And then from an unlikely source we get a strange reminder of the mysteries of nature and something seems to resonate within us.

I’m thinking of the work at the Hadron Collider in Switzerland that recently gave us just such a reminder of our relationship with nature.

Celestial Music

It has been reported that a number of physicists at Cern have been trying to simulate the sounds of sub-atomic particles.

The result of this was a strange kind of celestial music – almost like a modern composition.

Archer Endrich is reported to have said that the physicists who were working on the project were hoping to hear the background music of the universe.

“You feel closer to the mystery of Nature which I think a lot of scientists do when they get deep into these matters,” he said.

“It’s so intriguing and there’s so much mystery and so much to learn. The deeper you go, the more of a pattern you find and it’s fascinating and it’s uplifting.”

What more can one say?

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