Through a Window

Through a windowWhen we talk about relationships we somehow tend to focus mainly on romantic relationships between young people.

But in my blog I have tried to show that relationships involve a lot more.

Our lives are intertwined with relationships of many different kinds.

And sooner or later we all have to face our relationships with youth and old age….


We’re looking at reality through different windows, you and I.
You see what is to come; I see what is already here.

Our different time frames open up on separate vistas and  although we survey the scene simultaneously our individual realities in life terms are decades apart.

For you, life is ahead, somewhere in the clouded distance.

Old and YoungFor me, life is here and now – it is what I have been waiting, planning and working towards up until the present moment.

I am reaping what I have sown while you are still sowing.

From our separate windows we cannot see the same shadow shifting through a cloud, or trap the shaft of sunlight glinting on a wing.

The picture changes for every one of us who looks through, beyond  and out onto his own personal landscape.

Therefore tread gently when you scorn my worn out ways – you can change your path or alter your way; it’s not too late.

I can but continue on the road set out before me.

To turn back would be to negate the past and besides, the sky is darkening and evening is close.

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