We have lost our Relationship with Nature

Our relationship with natureThose of us who live in cities have lost touch with earth matters.

We have lost the old sense of well-being that people used to derive from the rural way of life that was somehow sustaining and reassuring.

We have been separated from the spiritual sanctity of forests and we have been denied the comforting familiarity of well-known woodland paths.

The rose-covered cottage is a myth and we have lost our synchronization with the slow, unhurried earth rhythms that bring in seasonal changes.

And although we are surrounded with many wonderful artifacts and inventions, we have lost the very essence of our humanity because the urban way of life has desensitized us towards nature.

We have become emotionally disorientated and spiritually disconnected because we have lost our way in the rampant jungles of civilization which have progressively altered the face of the earth, changed the environment and modified the climate.

Urbanization and cities erupt about us with tall, forest-like structures of cement and chrome.

Buildings are piled high on one another because space has run out and the pores of the earth are so deeply clogged with concrete that nature can hardly breathe.

Our constructions cover large areas of earth with deep layers of concrete and tar and the jagged horizons of high-rise buildings that extend like huge bar graphs into the sky have taken their toll on our psychic equilibrium.

We have lost our relationship with Nature

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