What happened to your Relationship?

Do you lie in bed at night wondering what on earth has happened to your relationship?

You know that something has gone seriously wrong. But can you put your finger on the cause? If you are deeply involved, probably not!

Most of us would give anything to be able to understand why our relationships are taking a wrong turn.  Unfortunately relationships often do drift into troubled waters.  Conflicting emotions can seriously muddy the waters in any relationship.  They complicate things so that we can’t see the real facts.

It’s understandable, really. When our feelings are deeply involved we lose our objectivity. We lose all powers of judgement and the real cause of our problems escapes us.

It’s natural to want to blame someone.

And so we blame our partners. At other times we blame ourselves because this is often the easiest thing to do when things go wrong.

Mostly we end up hoping that if we close our eyes for long enough, the problem will miraculously disappear.  But of course it doesn’t.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had some kind of bionic vision that would allow us to see deep into our relationships?  It would certainly help to clear up the confusion and allow us to see the relationship impartially from both sides.

Impossible? Not entirely.

Because there is a way that can help you to see the facts. Not with bionic vision, of course. But with an effective method, nonetheless.  I’m talking about handwriting.  And I’ll explain how you can use it the next post.

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