What is the Real Reason for your Relationship Problem?

There are so many reasons why a relationship can run into problems. It’s often an accumulation of lots of little reasons – with one or two big ones thrown in to really shake things up!

All these reasons large and small are mostly the result of personality differences.

But things get even more complicated when you have an argument.

Because when you have an argument, there is always a stated reason and a hidden reason.  A quarrel is rarely based on the stated reason alone. That’s just a cover for a deeper problem.

The real problem is usually based on a hidden reason.  So this is where you should be looking if you want real and relevant answers.

The Hidden Reason

Of course, the big challenge is – how do you find the hidden reason?

This is where it gets really interesting.  But take a deep breath first! Ready?

Your handwriting holds the clues!

And guess what? When you compare both of your handwritings you get to look into the inner workings of your relationships – behind the scenes.

This is How it Works.

In the same way that we express our feelings by making facial and body movements, handwriting is an expression of our moods and emotions. The difference is that the movement is captured on paper.  It’s like a photograph of your emotions.

Think of an electrocardiogram that captures the pattern of your heartbeat on paper.  Well, your handwriting is a living trail of evidence that you leave on paper as you write. Of course it’s all unconscious.

But technicalities aside, the important thing for you is that your handwriting and the handwriting of your partner holds clues that will help you to understand your personalities.

As you compare the handwritings you start to get a picture of the health of your relationship. The problems pop out, you can see what caused them and of course it’s so much easier to come up with solutions to sort them out.

Obviously you can’t do this alone – you’ll need the help of an expert handwriting analyst or graphologist.

Well you can relax! Help is at hand in the form of a detailed guide that you can access immediately.

Relationship SecretsRelationship Secrets shows you exactly how to get an expert understanding of your relationship by comparing your handwritings.

You don’t have to be a handwriting analyst yourself. The book explains everything in an easy and entertaining way.

To find out more go to Relationship Secrets .

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