7 Tips to help you Boost your Confidence

Confident attitudeBelow are 7 very easy tips that you can use to help you boost your confidence.

But before you take a look at them I need to ask you a question.

Do you have any idea what an impact your attitude has on your life?

I want you to think about it for a moment because your attitude is far more important than you realize. In fact, attitude alone can be a most powerful influence for change.

Which of course is excellent news for you because if you are in the habit of running yourself down or belittling yourself you can change all that simply by projecting a more confident attitude.

So here is what we are going to do. We are going to give your attitude a bit of a boost.

And even if you don’t really feel it at first, you will soon get into it and then you’ll start to see the difference.

7  Tips to help you Boost your Confidence

1.    Walk tall and keep your head up. Not only will you look more confident but you will feel better too.

2.    Make eye contact with people when you speak to them.  People who avoid eye contact are immediately seen as insecure.

3.    Make a positive change in your appearance.  Change your hairstyle or buy a new outfit to give yourself a boost

4.    Fake it. If you can pretend to be self-assured your body language will reflect greater confidence.  Not only will others see the change; you will genuinely start to feel it too.

5.    Do what you know is right for you and try not to compare yourself to others.

6.    Put aside your long list of intimidating goals for a while and set one particular goal for yourself that you know you are capable of achieving. Then go for it and you  will see what a boost that will give you.

7.    Smile and try to mean it!

Try as many of these as you can comfortably manage – but above all, remember not to run yourself down – either to yourself or to others.

One more thing – if you would like to check your confidence rating you can do so with a handwriting test at “How Confident are you? Check your handwriting for clues.”

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